Broaden Your Business By Combining An Autoresponder With Your Shopping Cart Solution

For web marketing to be successful, an autoresponder must be integrated with your shopping cart solution. You are leaving a lot of money on the table, if you lack an autoresponder. You might even be dooming your site to be a total disaster. Whenever you make a sale on your site, you should thank the customer and advise them that their purchase was successfully completed. It’s possible to do this almost instantly with an e-mail from your autoresponder system.

However, your interaction with customers shouldn’t stop there, as a person who has already bought from you will more easily buy from you once again. An opportunity exists at this point for you to advise them of any promotions you have that could interest them. Your thank you message can be easily capitalized on by informing them of related products you have. You may have sold a pair of shoes with a certain brand name, and you have a complementing handbag from the same designer, which you could offer them. You can actually draw them into becoming loyal customers by granting them discounts on the regular price of, say, accessories.

You should not send any sort of offers with the e-mail which serves as a sales receipt. It’s crucial that this email impresses upon your customer they are highly valued, and not merely a wallet to be pried open by any means. It is a critical message, and one that you should hire out the doing of in case you are uncertain of your own writing ability. You might balk at the expense, but is a once-off expense and will repay you handsomely whenever your subsequent autoresponder messages generate further sales. Although your autoresponder could be your best investment, it can turn your customers off when you overuse it. You don’t want to send your customers lots of deals, too often, or they’ll get upset and unsubscribe.

Your messages must bolster the belief that your customers are valuable, and they must be happy to keep getting them. You definitely do not want them to start feeling you have overstayed your welcome. Provided that you are giving them information which is helpful, they won’t mind receiving an e-mail every week or possibly even two. You should offer them something, preferably of a special or pertinent nature, only now and then, say every 4th email or so. You have to pay attention to the wording in your communications, and the layout and spacing. Once you get this right you will be well set to be a success.

Your business will benefit most if you create longstanding relationships with your customers. Once you’ve customized your e-mails the right way, you’ll start to reap the benefits of having integrated an autoresponder with your shopping cart solution.

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